A little knowledge is a marvellous thing.

April 25, 2008

If you can change the world for a fiver, imagine what a tenner can do.
It can buy two books.
Start by buying one copy of ‘Change The World For A Fiver’. Read it and then pass it on. Don’t just keep it on your book shelf. And that’s where the tenner comes in. Buy two copies, and pass one on. Then the recipient will read it, think it’s amazing, then he/she/they’ll buy another copy and pass it on. The book’s by a group called We Are What We Do, and they’re smart enough to use sustainable paper sources. So we can all buy 2, pass 1 on and make the world a better place. Simple tips like turn off the tap water when you’re brushing your teeth, that’s the one that everyone I know who’s read the book remembers.
And now you can use your daytimes to save the planet too, with ‘Change The World 9 to 5’.
50 more ways to make your business better for the planet. These books are beautifully written, and playfully challenging. Go on, pick one up and make today a better day for everyone.

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