Coming and going. Hello and goodbye.

April 25, 2008

The way the world seems to work in a kind of perfect symmetry never fails to amaze me. Yin and yang. The way things seem to come along in sets. Like buses. Or bad things happening in 3s. Mostly it’s just us. There are no patterns, but, as humans, we’re programmed genetically to try and spot patterns. This is meant to help us be better hunter/gatherers. It would have helped our ancient ancestors to work out that there are seasons. And, moving forwards, that the earth is round. And that science trumps religion. Anyhoo, hello world. The coming refers to the somewhat belated arrival on the blogosphere of me. And it’s only thanks to the kindness and talent of Uncle Mike
that I’m here at all. I’ll be righting wrongs, pontificating and generally sticking up stuff that makes me smile. So here’s the first thing to tickle your fancy. It’s a beautiful little film on YouTube. It’s called Kiwi! and it has a fantastically positive way of looking at life. Which is nice. It’s by a guy called Dony Permedi, and you can watch it here.

And the going? Well that’s the flat. It’s gone on the market today. So I’ve spent the past 3 months making it look like a team of interior decorators live here, and not just me and Maisie. Fingers crossed that now that I’ve built it people will come [Field of Dreams reference]. And I hope that now I’m building a blog of mirth and amusement, and occasional rants, that’ll you’ll continue to come. So hello wwworld. And, for now, goodbye.


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