Ideas. It’s what I do.

April 25, 2008

I’m a copywriter, writing adverts and design work for a huge range of clients. I’m getting a Flickr account sorted out with my work on it, so that people can see the sort of things I’m up to. Here’s a little sample of a mailer I did to announce the birth of my daughter Maisie. It was a two-sided affair. The recipient would read a side aimed at a female audience, which is this one.
The first side
The second side then acted as a reveal. Which is this.
The reveal
And whilst I’m confessing my sins as to working in advertising, here’s something from the States that has a lovely feel to it. It’s for Levis (which is generally not a bad sign of quality, ads-wise), and “It’s wide open” means anything goes. Here it is. This one wasn’t by me (just in case anyone thinks I’m claiming it). It was done a number of years ago, but I still think it’s great. It was directed by Spike Jonze. I’m not sure of the agency and the creatives, but I’ll add credits when I manage to track them down. I’ll air all my own laundry when it’s uploaded to Flickr.

The motto of folk who do great ads? I dunno, but it could be just do it.
Either that or you can’t get better than a smart client with a big budget.


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