The best day of the week.

April 26, 2008

I almost always spend Saturday with my daughter Maisie. Today we did potato printing, made cards for Grumps and Auntie Cath and then went to the National Museum of Scotland. They’re closing a huge part of the museum for 3 years as it undergoes a transformation into a modern interactive offering. So this weekend they’ve gone beyond the call of duty and are having a last big hurrah before they close. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last time you’ll ever be able to see the fish in the big, shallow tanks that they look so at home in. When the museum re-opens the fish will be gone. (The lady at the museum explained that 60-odd years ago they put the fish tanks in to add moisture to the air to protect the exhibits. Almost the whole of the basement is a filtration tank for the fish ponds. When it re-opens the filtration tank will be another floor for people to enjoy, as modern air conditioning units can add moisture in a more accurate manner and take up a fraction of the space.) I’ve suggested that they have some sort of fish, or I’m sure there will be many unhappy kids. Half the time that’s all Maisie really wants to see. (If your child will miss the fish as much as Maisie, they have huge Koi carp at the Botanics in the hot-house). So we went along to say goodbye to the fish. And Maisie had a ball, drawing and making badges and seeing the Millennium clock doing its stuff. There were things on all day, the highlight of which were the Taiko Japanese Drummers. They made a fair bit of noise, but it was fantastically rhythmic and unusual. This is what Maisie made of it (you can almost see the drummers in the background, one floor below us, but that’s what I get for taking the picture on my soon-to-be-replaced mobile).

Not a big fan of noise, is Maisie. But she loves the museum. So we’d like to say: good luck with the alterations.
It may take three years, but we’ll be back. And we hope that there are some (quiet) fish to welcome us.


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