How we see the world.

April 28, 2008

I came across this fantastic map of the world, where the designer has taken the web suffixes and used them to create the map. I think it looks pretty good. Nice and simple.

It reminded me of this fantastic version of the London Underground map (see below). It takes the history of popular music and traces it using a different tube line for each genre. It’s a great conversation (argument?) starter after you’ve had a few beers. Mine sits on the wall in the kitchen, well in view of the dining table, and almost nobody can resist their own little tuppence-worth on who’s there that shouldn’t be and who’s not there that should be. It was done in association with the Guardian newspaper, and you can still buy them at the Transport for London shop. For just £9.95 [here]


And that, in turn, reminded me of the David Shrigley version of the underground map. I reckon he’s got it just about right, based on standards of service.

David Shrigley is an artist who uses minimalist form to get across ideas. They are normally quite obscure ideas, but beautifully executed, from a mind you suspect isn’t entirely sane. I mean that in the nicest possible way – that I doubt he sees the world the same way as most people. You can see a short-film that he and Chris Shepherd made here.

There are a number of collections of his work available, and I guarantee you it’s a lovely way to see the world entirely differently. Go on, have a peek. You might just love what you see.


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