Outnumbered. But still in control.

April 30, 2008

In this week of Champions League and UEFA Cup semis, I found this old picture of Diego Armando Maradona (see below). Sure, he’s not had his troubles to seek. But when he played, he was dynamite. Lionel Messi could be as good a player. As long as he can keep focused on his game, and not be tempted by the trappings of fame.

Barca have just lost to United, so that makes it an all-English final in the Champions League. Chelsea and Liverpool go at it tonight, and then Rangers attempt to make it a British treble as they take on Fiorentina on Thursday for a place in the UEFA Cup final.

The pic of Maradona shows just how awesome he was, as six Belgians look terrified as he faces them up. I love the ‘rabbit in headlights’ expression they all seem to have adopted. This shot was taken during their clash in the 1982 World Cup. And, surprisingly, the Belgians won 1-0. I was pretty young and don’t remember the game, but the Belgians apparently rode their luck to hold on for the win. Argentina still made it through to the second round before losing out to Italy and Brasil (with Italy progressing from the group and going on to lift the trophy).

In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, however, Diego got his revenge in the semi-finals against Belgium (when they had a pretty good team). He scored an amazing goal where he went past about 5 or 6 Belgians as he went into the box and hammered it past the keeper as he was pushed off-balance. Like I said, dynamite. I’m sure the England fans still won’t have forgiven him for the so-called ‘Hand of God’ goal, but the second goal he scored against England is still one of the best I’ve ever seen.


2 Responses to “Outnumbered. But still in control.”

  1. anonymous Says:

    That Maradona vs. six Belgians picture was taken in 1982, not 1986. Maradona looks thinner than he did in 1986, and the Belgians wore red shorts in 1986 when they played Argentina. In 1982 they wore white shorts, and they actually won against Argentina 1-0. So, no, Maradona did not score in that match, and the six Belgian defenders with the “deer in the headlight” expressions were successful in keeping Maradona from scoring.

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