Here’s a picture of a hand-dryer. The sort you find in toilets up and down the country.
Someone’s had a simple thought that’s made this one much, much better (although it probably still has the drying force of an asthmatic ant).

And then there’s this gem from the Guardian’s football pages. It shows a couple of pretty amusing email addresses. Genius.


Look. There I am.

April 25, 2008

Here’s some more ads I wrote when I was at 1576. Denholm Ads here These 3 were part of a campaign for a recruitment company, Denholm Associates. The people who run the company have a history in the industry, and therefore know a nice idea when they see one.

Denholm Recruitment - 'Gardener'

Denholm Recruitment – ‘Gardener’

Denholm Recruitment - 'Motivational speaker'

Denholm Recruitment – ‘Motivational speaker’

Denholm Recruitment - 'Fashion'

Denholm Recruitment – ‘Fashion’

The ads were well received and people still remember them as they see them in my book. The link above shows the ads posted on a site of someone I don’t know. But he likes the ads. Hooray.

Ideas. It’s what I do.

April 25, 2008

I’m a copywriter, writing adverts and design work for a huge range of clients. I’m getting a Flickr account sorted out with my work on it, so that people can see the sort of things I’m up to. Here’s a little sample of a mailer I did to announce the birth of my daughter Maisie. It was a two-sided affair. The recipient would read a side aimed at a female audience, which is this one.
The first side
The second side then acted as a reveal. Which is this.
The reveal
And whilst I’m confessing my sins as to working in advertising, here’s something from the States that has a lovely feel to it. It’s for Levis (which is generally not a bad sign of quality, ads-wise), and “It’s wide open” means anything goes. Here it is. This one wasn’t by me (just in case anyone thinks I’m claiming it). It was done a number of years ago, but I still think it’s great. It was directed by Spike Jonze. I’m not sure of the agency and the creatives, but I’ll add credits when I manage to track them down. I’ll air all my own laundry when it’s uploaded to Flickr.

The motto of folk who do great ads? I dunno, but it could be just do it.
Either that or you can’t get better than a smart client with a big budget.

If you can change the world for a fiver, imagine what a tenner can do.
It can buy two books.
Start by buying one copy of ‘Change The World For A Fiver’. Read it and then pass it on. Don’t just keep it on your book shelf. And that’s where the tenner comes in. Buy two copies, and pass one on. Then the recipient will read it, think it’s amazing, then he/she/they’ll buy another copy and pass it on. The book’s by a group called We Are What We Do, and they’re smart enough to use sustainable paper sources. So we can all buy 2, pass 1 on and make the world a better place. Simple tips like turn off the tap water when you’re brushing your teeth, that’s the one that everyone I know who’s read the book remembers.
And now you can use your daytimes to save the planet too, with ‘Change The World 9 to 5’.
50 more ways to make your business better for the planet. These books are beautifully written, and playfully challenging. Go on, pick one up and make today a better day for everyone.

The way the world seems to work in a kind of perfect symmetry never fails to amaze me. Yin and yang. The way things seem to come along in sets. Like buses. Or bad things happening in 3s. Mostly it’s just us. There are no patterns, but, as humans, we’re programmed genetically to try and spot patterns. This is meant to help us be better hunter/gatherers. It would have helped our ancient ancestors to work out that there are seasons. And, moving forwards, that the earth is round. And that science trumps religion. Anyhoo, hello world. The coming refers to the somewhat belated arrival on the blogosphere of me. And it’s only thanks to the kindness and talent of Uncle Mike
that I’m here at all. I’ll be righting wrongs, pontificating and generally sticking up stuff that makes me smile. So here’s the first thing to tickle your fancy. It’s a beautiful little film on YouTube. It’s called Kiwi! and it has a fantastically positive way of looking at life. Which is nice. It’s by a guy called Dony Permedi, and you can watch it here.

And the going? Well that’s the flat. It’s gone on the market today. So I’ve spent the past 3 months making it look like a team of interior decorators live here, and not just me and Maisie. Fingers crossed that now that I’ve built it people will come [Field of Dreams reference]. And I hope that now I’m building a blog of mirth and amusement, and occasional rants, that’ll you’ll continue to come. So hello wwworld. And, for now, goodbye.

Hello world.

April 21, 2008

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