The revenge of the unpaid builder.

May 2, 2008

A superb story about a builder from West Sussex, who was having great trouble getting payment from one of his customers. Nigel Gray (the builder) tried every legal avenue to get the lady to pay the £15,000 bill. Each attempt failed and his customer invented a new excuse. Eventually he approached the local council, as the lady was a tenant in a council property.
So the council decided that, although there was nothing they could do, Nigel had redress against her. So, together with the council, Nigel and his team headed back to her house and removed the brand new porch and conservatory. Brick by brick and pane by pane.

I’m not sure it was quite the same as getting his money, but I’m sure the satisfaction of removing the ill-gotten gains of his customer made his day.
You can watch the whole thing here.


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