A mighty-nice Friday lunch.

May 11, 2008

The lovely people at mightysmall have been looking after me and making sure I’m fed and watered on the occasional Friday for quite some time now. The guys get a showreel and some lovely sandwiches, and then invite some folk round to eat and enjoy. Well, this week I catered. Unfortunately not the sandwiches, just the films. I had planned to provide some food too, but work got in the road. The highlight, as we all expected, was ‘The Lunch Date’.

It’s difficult to put into words how good a film it is. It is such a beautifully revealed story. The set-up and then the subtle reveal that has you smiling for hours. We also watched some of the other short films on the Cinema 16 American Short Films DVD (we found that one of them was 41 minutes long, which is pushing the limits of ‘short’ film, surely?).

One of the other films we watched was ‘George Lucas in Love’ which is a very clever film that uses the story lines from Star Wars and Shakespeare In Love and creates a tale of where Star Wars came from. It’s very, very funny and the man himself has apparently told the director (Joe Nussbaum) that it amused him greatly.

There was also ‘Terry Tate: Office Linebacker’ which does what it says on the tin; it shows a hulking great pro football linebacker who ‘tackles’ anyone who steps out of line in the office. It’s brilliantly shot and makes you laugh all the way through. You can’t fail with comically inappropriate violence. It was so popular the Reebok bought the idea and shot several more spots as the basis for an advertising campaign.

The final stand out on the DVD was ‘Vincent’ by Tim Burton. It’s a stunning stop-motion film shot in black and white on 16mm film with all the little attentions to detail that we’ve come to love and expect from a master like Tim Burton. It tells the story, in poetry form, of a young boy called Vincent Malloy who dreams of being his idol, Vincent Price. Vincent Price himself read the poem that Burton himself had written.

We laughed and were held in awe as some truly wonderful films played in front of us. I brought biscuits that went down well, and the guys kept the tea flowing. All in all a great way to spend a Friday lunch time.
They may be mightysmall in name, but they’re mightybig in their welcome. This is them:

They’re pretty sharp at strategic thinking and advertising, and have done some brilliant work over the years. See what sort of things they get up to

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