Stick it to the man. And make sure he pays for the privilege.

May 23, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen. Occasionally something comes along that is so good, so fit-for-purpose that you wonder how you ever got by before you discovered it. This is one of these moments.
I’d like to introduce you to the best tool you can find for chasing down companies who have let you down. And it’s simple this:

Put simply, it allows you to find non-0870 (and 0844 and 0845) numbers, so that you don’t have to subsidise these enormous companies. All you have to do is to enter either the company name, or the phone number you have been asked to call and it offers you a landline alternative. So you can get your problems rectified, and you don’t have to pay a small country’s national debt to do so.
So start taking your fight to these big companies. Stand up for your rights. And do it on their freephone lines, so that they’re paying for the call. Sweet.
It’s like a huge big Karma wake-up call for all the big bad companies out there. And the more of us that get round their charging us for calls, the more we’ll be able to influence how they behave. This truly is, in the words of Wolfie Smith, Power to the People.


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