A nice local rocket show. With military rockets. Oops.

May 25, 2008

When I first read this I thought “What the…!?!”.
Now, I’m not meaning to be casting any aspersions towards our friends in the empire that was formerly known as the Soviet Union, but they’ve got to ask themselves some questions. Like why put Sooty in charge of safety at an arms dump? And why build it so close to a town?
Anyways, on with the story.
They seem to have had a little fire in an arms dump. As you sometimes do.
You can watch a couple of rockets (and, unfortunately, we’re not talking fireworks here) screaming uncontrollably through the air here.

I’m particularly impressed by what appears to be the fuel tanker going through frame at about 15 seconds into the footage. If there’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t be doing whilst there are high explosives zipping around it’s driving a fuel truck. That and, obviously, running with scissors.


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