Another weekend, another museum. Or two.

May 26, 2008

Maisie and I went to the museum at the weekend. But this time we went to the Dean Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art.
Maisie loved the big pond (the Landform sculpture by Charles Jencks) and Paolozzi’s studio that has been amazingly recreated within the gallery.
I was impressed by the works of Miroslav Balka. Born in Poland in 1958, his works are poignant, emotive and subtle. He identifies with the notions of history and our own memories, and seems to be a master of expressing the frailty of human existence.
The piece I found myself mostly drawn to was this, Entering Paradise:

I also loved the surrealist exhibits, especially the works by Miró and Dali. Miró is slightly less famous than Dail, but arguably had more influence on the artists of the genre, rather than on populist opinion. Here’s one of his pieces here.

As a Catalan, Joan Miró was used to seeing things differently. I have seen a fair bit of Miró’s work up close. There’s a hotel (one of the best in the world, in my opinion) called the Colombe D’Or in Saint Paul de Vence, near Nice, that has original works by Miró all over the hotel. It also has original works by Matisse, Picasso and Chagall. And these are hanging on the walls, open for really close inspection.
One of Miró’s stunning, huge, beautiful sculptures sits beside the pool at the Colombe D’Or. His work is simply fabulous. It is supreme and bold, and always has enough colour, emotion and intrigue to make me smile.
Whilst I’ve touched on the Colombe D’Or I might as well try to do it justice. It has been owned by the same family for generations. If you’re looking for Wifi connections and the latest flat-screen LCD TV then this is definitely not for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for somewhere you can really unwind and feel fabulous whilst doing so, give them a call.
They offer extraordinary Provencal cooking, based on the region’s finest traditions. So, once again, it’s not at the cutting edge of culinary preparation. It has an amazing terrace to enjoy lunch on, and you should really try not to hurry things here. It is, quite simply, the best restaurant I’ve ever had the great pleasure to eat in.
So, if you’ve got something special to celebrate go and see the Mirós in the Colombe D’Or. Or, you could go and see them in Edinburgh. The art is just as good, but the café is not quite up to the same standards.


One Response to “Another weekend, another museum. Or two.”

  1. adrian Says:

    Miro lived on Majorca for many years (and is buried there). So the place is awash with his work. There is a Miro exhibition in the train station in Soller. Yes, in the train station. Wouldn’t work in Waverley.

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