Here’s one I did earlier.

May 31, 2008

I’m in the middle of sorting out my portfolio on the flickr site, so that clients can see my work whenever they like. This will take a little while as I make sure that it’s all perfect.
In the meantime, I thought I’d put a tiny selection of work here, just as an appetiser.
The first two ads here are for Auto Trader, a magazine that specialises in selling mainly used cars. Each week they have random spaces to fill, as they never know just how many inserts they’ll have until the final minute. So they asked us to have a think about how they could fill those spaces and add value to the brand. So we came up with these, which warn of the dangers of drink driving. These ran throughout the magazine, and were right next to pictures showing cars as polished and buffed as it was possible to make them. Which meant a smashed-up wreck stood out like the proverbial sore-thumb.

They worked very well for the client. They were noticed by the readers, who commented on how positive a message it was, and were recognised by the awards cermemonies at the time. Which was nice.

Next up is a business card that we did for a pal who is a dental surgeon. Again, it’s a simple idea. This one was executed by printing the business cards onto X-ray film, which made it very tactile when handed to you.

When I was working at 1576 we had the National Trust for Scotland as one of our clients. Here’s an ad aimed at driving membership sales for them.

This next piece was done for The Royal Bank of Scotland a good few years ago now. It was done at the time (circa 2000) when banks were starting to really push that you could remortgage without having to move house. So we decided that the best way to do this was to take the traditional ‘For Sale’ sign and play with it a little. You can see the result below.

And the final piece which I’m going to post today is a lovely little piece for a local health club in Edinburgh. They wanted to promote their ‘Swimming Only’ memberships.
So, once again, we simplified then exaggerated. And this is the result (it might be worth clicking the image to enlarge it, as the line that runs between the two images is kind of crucial).



So, there you go. These are some examples of what I do for a living. I’m speaking to clients to try and get permission to post lots more work, so it’ll appear here as and when it’s allowed out to be seen by the world at large.
Advertising can, and should, be powerful. If you put your mind to it.


One Response to “Here’s one I did earlier.”

  1. Brilliant artwork and ideas. Very inspiring.

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