Selfish web surfers?

May 31, 2008

This is a story on the BBC website that announces that people who surf the web (that’ll be you and me then) are now selfish about how they search. Well, duh!
What the report really says is that we don’t want a site to spend 10 minutes trying to sell us something we don’t want in the first place.
Have a read at the article here.

I’d go further, however. They’re not selfish, they’re just exercising their right not to be bored by dull sites. Even sites that think they are user-friendly are almost always not really that.
Treat visitors like human beings, like real grown-up adults and they won’t just bugger off.
The reason people don’t engage with websites is that the website’s don’t engage with them. How many of the websites are actually designed with the user in mind? Almost none. They all, ultimately, want to sell you something (even if it’s only their point of view – they’re still selling it). The website is there to drive you to help them make money. It’s the same in real life. Go into a shop where you are just another number and the experience is easily forgettable. But have the luck of entering a shop where you actually have a conversation with the person who is serving you and you’ll probably go back there when you need that thing again. So web companies take note. It’s not rocket science.

Just talk to us like you’d talk to your friends. We’re not all stupid, dummies.

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