One area where America still rules the world.

June 3, 2008

And that area is advertising. Sure they churn out some very average stuff, too. But the best of their advertising is truly brilliant.
This first lot of ads are for a company called Suburban Autos in Oregon.
Once again, proof that you can’t fail with comically inappropraite violence.
Abbot and Costello. Laurel and Hardy. Itchy and Scratchy.
Physical humour can get you laughing from the soles of your feet.
I’m loving the dismissive way the driver tells the monkey (who has just saved him from a beating) to get back in the trunk. You can watch the compilation

These ads are great and use the old maxim of “Don’t sell the sausage, sell the sizzle.”
Which means, basically, if you sell cars people know what you do. How can you tell them you do it differently so that they remember your message? And these ads, in my opinion, do exactly that. If you were faced with the choice between a car with an ordinary company, or one from Suburban Autos that comes with all sorts of Trunk Monkey goodies, which one are you gonna pick? I mean, come on.

Whilst I’m at it, you should check out these ads for Fox Sports Network. Again, these are American. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s one thing that the Americans don’t seem too bad at – great ads that make you smile. These ones show, in a very amusing way, that the Fox Network coverage of the baseball playoffs starts in October. And again, they make what could have been a dull, forgettable series of ads memorable and far more likely to engage the audience.

Watch Leaf-Blower here.
Watch Speedboat here.
Watch Nail Gun here.

And finally, another touch of genius from Fox. Again, they use physical humour (I think they know their audience quite well by now).
And all these are saying is “Hockey’s violent. Hockey rocks.”.
And, you know what? When it’s presented like this, it’s hard to argue.

Watch the ad here.

So when people start to accuse the Americans of not being able to do anything well, you’ll be able to correct them. “They’re very good at deftly handling comedic advertising” you’ll be able to counter.

2 Responses to “One area where America still rules the world.”

  1. adrian Says:

    i want a trunk monkey

  2. Bill Green Says:

    I’m available for hire…

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