The last thing we need at a food conference is a parasite.

June 3, 2008

Mugabe attends food summit.
Why? This sicko has presided over the death of tens of thousand of his own people (and that’s a very conservative estimate). He has presided over rampant inflation, government corruption, and the ruthless crushing of any opposition.
Two wrongs don’t make a right Mr. Mugabe. No matter how badly you feel you have been treated in the past, it does not excuse behaving like a monster.
Why don’t you let Morgan Tsvanbgirai take the position that is rightfully his. He and his party won the election. You did not. The people have spoken, and they have said enough is enough.
Go now, you evil dictator. (See the BBC story here.)
I think that the comment on the BBC site sums it up perfectly:
“Mr Mugabe attending a UN food summit is like Adolf Hitler attending a UN human rights summit.” And, just to illustrate the point, I found this rather good picture on another blog (many thanks to the Daily Despot, which you can visit here.)

Where’s the international action? Is he less of a horrible leader than Saddam? Why do our countries speak out against this evil monster, yet do nothing about him?
And what is he even doing in Europe? I thought that he had been banned from travelling in Europe. And then I discovered that he’s allowed to attend UN events in Europe. Why? Let’s have a vote. If he can get 1,000 people to say he should come, then let’s invite him. As he’s a reprehensible beast I reckon that he’d get no votes.
So let’s keep him out and not give this aging idiot a platform from which to preach his hateful and divisive politics.
The bitter, twisted, bigoted, ignorant idiot.


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