Proof that Chelsea are amateurs at post-sending off hassling.

June 11, 2008

Here’s some fantastic footage of a player getting sent off for two yellow cards.

The moment it all starts to go Pete Tong

I know that you shouldn’t argue with the ref. But it’s never even a foul when he gets the second yellow. He gets the ball. Send the Jessie on the floor off.

Watch it here.

So to get sent off for this must be frustrating.
To get hassled by the riot cops and arrested is taking things a bit far. Or JT would have his own room at the Old Bailey.
The footage is from Brazil (and the team is Botafogo), and we all know how much they love their football out there.
Oh, and once all the handbagging is over, there are some tidy goals about 2 mins 30 secs into the footage.

Here’s an added treat. It’s the BBC’s top 10 European Championship goals. See them here.

Like all these things, it suffers from a heavier weighting towards more recent history (why no Panenka?) But there is the supreme Marco Van Basten and his wonder goal. I love the look on the face of his manager, Rinus Michels, as the ball nestles in the net. He, the creator and father of total football, is left slack jawed and amazed by a piece of sheer brilliance from a true master of the game. That MVB’s career was ended so prematurely by injury is a huge loss to the world of football. It seemed fitting that his first appearance for Ajax in 1982 was as a substitute to replace the even more outrageously talented Johan Cruyff. I hope his managerial career can reach the same heights as he plots to see how far he can take the Dutch at Euro 2008. And then he’s off to resurrect Ajax. Good luck to him, cause he was one helluva player.

And as a final note I’ll tip my cap towards Panenka – the first man to take the most-confident of all penalties. And he chose to do it in the final of the Euro Championships, with the final penalty to decide the game. No pressure then. Enjoy it here, it’s the first one in the compilation. Think of all the great players you’ve seen miss under pressure. And then think of the composure required to do this. Incredible.

Plus a bonus funny – here’s why we should go back to having terracing at football. Watch it here.

Come on, this would be great fun. Unless you’re the assistant ref.

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