The beach and then a bounce. Days don’t come much better.

June 12, 2008

With the warmer weather arriving the beach at the bottom of the street has started to draw everyone to it again. It’s very well looked after, so there’s very little litter and people all seem to take some pride in having a great space to use. There were people in the sea swimming, on jet skis, people flying kites, building pyramids (I know, bonkers), and even an inquisitive helicopter.
Maisie and I took a bucket and spade and she made a big sandcastle. It consisted of lots of turrets and more shells than you could shake a stick at. We both had great fun building it.

Then we had some lunch and headed off to East Links Family Park to join one of her pal’s for her birthday party. Moo and I have been before, but it’s still brilliant fun for the kids every time they go. The park has a narrow gauge railway, a huge maze, trampolines, a huge pirate ship, 4-seater pedal cars (that adults can get up to a pretty decent speed) and lots and lots of animals for the kids to get up close to. They’ve got lamas, pheasants, deer, highland cows, donkeys, pigs, sheep, rabbits and lots more. The little train takes you on a safari where the kids can throw food to the animals and see them up close. Here’s Maisie and a couple of her little pals on a huge boucey jelly bean.

All in all we had a great day. The memories of which will have to last me for another week, as Maisie and her mum have gone off to Cyprus for a week’s holiday. Still, work has exploded again, so I shouldn’t have much time to miss them too much.
She’ll be back chasing me into the sea before I know it.


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