Discover tomorrow’s Dali today.

June 20, 2008

Or perhaps not, but you’ve got to aim high, haven’t you?
This is just a quick reminder for people in Edinburgh that the Degree Show is on at Edinburgh College of Art. The Art & Design show runs until Tuesday 24th June, and the Architecture show runs until the 4th July.
It’s a chance to see (and buy, if you’re brave/knowledgeable) the latest artistic talent before it enters the real world and exits the price bracket of most of us.
You’ll find all sorts of creative madness throughout the show, and if you’ve got a spare hour I’d recommend that you fill it here.
At last year’s show I really liked this alternative business card, by Josh Welensky. He had these piled up in a fish bowl and I saw most people make a beeline for these. Isn’t it a lovely alternative to a traditional business card?

I mean, come on. Which do you think people are going to keep longer? A hand-pressed coin, or a same-as-everyone-else piece of card?

It’s a great way to see the people who will think differently tomorrow, and start to change and shape the world we live in.
Find out more about this year’s degree show here.

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