More madness from Aragones.

June 22, 2008

“If Gattuso is a great player, then I’m a priest.”
Luis Aragones

What day is it?

Hello there father.
If you can’t see that Gattuso is a truly great player, you might say the heartbeat of the Italian team, then you’re an arrogant fool. Read his thoughts here.
Although we knew that already from your outrageous racist comments about Thierry Henry in 2004. Which you then refused to retract.
I’m sure your footballing brain is superb and without reproach, but you ought to get the rest of your head checked into the funny farm.
I love the way that Spain play and they have hugely exciting players, but I still find it hard to support the team of a man with openly racist views.
So, purely because of that, come on the Azzurri.

Foot note: Spain won, which is good as they’re playing some great football. It’s a strange situation as Spain are playing exciting football and have some truly gifted players.
Aragones still denies that making a racist comment makes him a racist. He even trotted out the tired excuse of “Some of my best friends are black.”
Now, whether they really are his friends, or not (and I know where my money lies on this one), the head of a country’s national football team should distance himself from these sorts of comments. He has a responsibility to lead by example, which he has consistently failed to do on this matter.
Let’s hope he finally manages to see the error of his ways.
But I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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