Sometimes something great comes along. Just like that.

June 23, 2008

I saw this fantastic old ad for Lego on YouTube again and it made me smile. A lot.
It takes a very simple idea and executes it superbly. It sees a rivalry that changes and morphs using pieces of Lego, as each side tries to outdo the other. The ad has Tommy Cooper as its voice-over, which makes it for me.
It was done by TBWA, and the creatives were Mike Cozens and Graham Watson.
It really is a thing of beauty.
So here you go. Enjoy.

I’ll bet you hit ‘Play’ again automatically when it finished. Just like that.


2 Responses to “Sometimes something great comes along. Just like that.”

  1. adrian Says:

    It sounds like Tommy Cooper. It was meant to be Tommy Cooper. But he was a unable to get the read right in the studio (I believe he was trying to enhance his performance with a visit to his his friend Glen Morangie before the session). So they got Mike Yarwood to be Tommy Cooper…and pretended it was Tommy’s read.

  2. chrismuir1 Says:

    You live and learn.
    That’s a great little anecdote that makes the whole film seem just a little more amazing.
    And I’ll tell you what, that Mike Yarwood wasn’t half bad at the old impressions.
    Thanks Adrian.

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