A slam dunk. From waaaaay downtown.

June 27, 2008

A piece of genuine craziness from the land of excess, Japan.
What we have here is a man using a trampoline to attempt the world’s longest slam dunk.
He manages it from 6.3 metres away.
It’s ridiculous, mad, bad and supremely entertaining.

Here’s another amazing shot. This one owes more to sheer, blind luck as opposed to any amazing skills (and I can say that with confidence as he’s not even looking at the basket, or on the court, when he hits it). Again, enjoy.

And no basketball blog would be complete without at least a doff of the cap towards the greatest basketball player to ever grace a court. Michael ‘Air’ Jordan – a true legend of sport. If you’re not sure of just what he can do, check this clip. He’s gifted beyond belief. On his game he was unplayable. Truly men against boys when he was on court. It’s like none of the opposition on the court ever has a clue what he’s going to do. Which is surprising, as the answer was almost always “Whoop your ass.” Pay homage here.

He’s a hugely fascinating person. He played baseball to a pretty high standard too.
Learn more about just how special he was here.

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