How history has made an arse of our Royalty.

July 4, 2008

Honouring Mussolini, Ceaucescu, Mugabe.
What a top trio of the sort of people you’d love to take home to meet your Mum.
It seems to have taken those who run our country quite a while to spot that these sort of people are not actually that spiffing. It then seems to have taken them a further inexcusable time to renounce their knighthoods.
You’ll not be surprised to discover the scaly fingers of politicians all over the decisions to give these horrible monsters our most jolly honour. Here’s a thought: why not try using your conscience as some sort of moral compass, rather than just working out who you’d like to flog some guns to. Like I say, it’s only a thought.
Read more about the whole sorry affair here.

We, and the Yanks, seem to be great at this ‘changing allegiances’ stuff.
Vietnam. The Yanks armed them, then changed their mind about which side to support and then had to fight an army that they had just armed.
Iraq. We and the Yanks armed the Iraqis in their fight against Iran. Once that was over, whoops, we’re changing sides again. And have to fight an army we had trained and armed.
Here’s a suggestion. Try actually looking at the regime before financing/training/arming them. Who knows, you may find that we make less of an arse of things if we actually thought about what we were doing at the outset.
Just a thought, maam.

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