Make some noise for Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns.

July 8, 2008

Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns is part of this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

He presents a selection of his favourite films and tells you a bit about the stars and the techniques. He’s a huge fan of the genre and his enthusiasm is meant to be infectious. He’s accompanied on the piano by Neil Brand, which adds a level of authenticity, as all films used to have the musical accompaniment played live. I love Laurel & Hardy and Harold Lloyd films in particular. I remember sitting with my grandparents whiling away many an afternoon watching these silent geniuses at work. I recently watched a programme about Harold Lloyd and how he achieved the amazing spectacles that he regularly thrilled us with. He was very clever at filming at certain angles that made things look more precarious than they actually were. Here are Stan & Olly, being funny just by being.

These films defy age. They’re still fantastically funny and supremely well put together. If you imagine the technical limitations (cameras the size of cars, no playback facility, film that regularly caught fire and disintegrated) they’re nothing short of remarkable.
Go along to the Filmhouse and give yourself a treat. Or buy a film on DVD.
It’ll be the best £5 you spend this week.


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