Wonderbra? Wonderful PR more like.

July 15, 2008

Here’s a story that seems to be about how a huge company lost the details of the model they’d chosen to be the new face of Wonderbra. Just so you can see what they’d thought they’d lost, here’s a picture from the BBC website.

What this story says to me is one of two things: either incompetency rules, or someone’s at it.
I suspect that some smart PR company has decided that they could get lots of column inches by ‘inventing’ a story about losing the girl’s details. If they really did lose her details it would be one of the gravest of errors by the casting company. One that I don’t believe would be allowed to happen. Because if that’s how you run your compnay, you’ll not be around for very long. And, even if you do employ Mr. Bean and he loses all her details, you’d try to rectify the situation without broadcasting the fact to the nation.
But, like I say, I’m a cynic and it smacks of free publicity to me.
And, as you’ve just proved by spending one minute reading this, it seems to have worked. Bugger.
If you want to examine the case in more detail, visit the BBC site by clicking here.


One Response to “Wonderbra? Wonderful PR more like.”

  1. gallusness Says:

    All of a sudden your blog is all about t*ts & bush.

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