Quite literally ‘Oh my god’

July 18, 2008

Someone else with a little too much time on his hands and not enough real people to say ‘Is there nothing else you think would be a better use of your time?’
Oh no. Not this chap. He’s gone and created the bible in Lego bricks – I kid you not.
What a total loon. How long has that taken him?
What’s next? The Adventures of TinTin in Lego bricks? Shrek the Lego movie?
Here’s his depiction of the Garden of Eden. And it shows the detail that he’s gone too, and, by extension, how long it must have taken. See for yourself here.

I know that we’ve all got to have a hobby, something to take our minds off the normal day-to-day world we inhabit, but come on.
How much good could he have done in the world with all the time he’s pissed about making montages of the ‘story’ of the bible? Sorry mate, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but get outside, talk to people and make a real difference to people’s lives. That’s pretty sound advice for all religious monkeys. Don’t just preach, try helping people to live a better life. And I don’t mean to tell them to “Find God” because, quite frankly, what someone who has little hope needs is not some imaginary fairy who’ll make everything better if only they ‘believe’.
It’s kind of the adult equivalent of believing in Santa. Or elves. Or, equally, ignoring all the scientific evidence that it’s a quaint story with a strong moral code, but, ultimately it’s a story. Hope that’s not ruined anyone’s day. If it has, like I say get out more and get involved in the real world.
Once again, if you’re a religious zealot who takes offence at this, just tell your god, who can tell my god, and he’ll pass the message on to me (using his trombone and some nifty free-form jazz).
As for me, I’m off to recreate James Brown on stage at the Rumble in the Jungle using Meccano, PlayPeople and some pipe cleaners. Get on up…


One Response to “Quite literally ‘Oh my god’”

  1. Stuart Gray Says:

    They’ve done the bible in LOLCAT too.


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