From hero to zero, in one easy outburst.

July 21, 2008

In the mad world of advertising you get to meet some famous people and do things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do. Like closing whole streets in a city, commandeering a fire engine and location hopping in a helicopter. But to be able to have a kick about with someone like Ronaldo must just be like having all your Christmas and birthdays coming at once. See what happened when Ronaldo and a football met at a shoot.

Like I say, it looks great fun. Unless you’re a Man United fan, in which case I’m sure it would be test of whether you managed not to punch him in the head, or not. I’m guessing that they might find refraining from punching the ungrateful sod very difficult. He is very highly paid, has signed a contract of his own free will, his team won the Premier League, the Champions League, and he’s captain of his country. What more could a spoilt, greedy whinger want? It does beg a pretty serious question: how can someone who is so insulated and always told ‘Yes” be expected to live in the real world? Why are we surprised when the person who is treated like a prima donna starts acting like one?
That said, I still think that he has a responsibility to stop acting like a child. Stop pouting and diving and get on with honouring your ‘slave’ contract. Which brings me onto Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA. What a tit. Imagine comparing a footballer on £140,000 a week with a slave. Could you be any more offensive? (Don’t answer that, because I’m sure that it wouldn’t take much effort for you to be more offensive).
I’m not sure that Ronnie lives under constant threat of death, or has to rise at dawn to till the fields. If you’ve got any more spaces on your slave ship, Mister Blatter, give me a shout. Because I know thousands of people who’d love to sign up.
But only if you throw in free healthcare and some luncheon vouchers. Muppet.


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