The World’s Greatest Newspaper. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

July 21, 2008

The Daily Express is at it again. Their byline claims that they are “the World’s greatest newspaper.”
Oh yeah? Who told you that lie then?

You’re barely even the best newspaper in your own postcode, so how the hell you get away with that lofty claim is quite beyond me.
Try reading your rag and then laugh like a drain as you realise the absurdity of your unbelievable claim.
Just in case you wonder what I was doing visiting this ‘news’ site, I clicked a link to find out a bit about the football team I support. Which is an obsession of mine, so I reckon that I can kind of get away with it.
I called the Advertising Standards Authority to see what their take on this loftiest of claims is. And you’ll not believe their answer. Because the front of the Daily Express is not a paid for advertising space the ASA can do nothing about it. So I tried the Press Complaints Commission. They were very helpful (and I may even have detected a snigger when I pointed out the Express claim to be the “World’s Greatest Newspaper”), but it doesn’t fall under their remit.
So I guess that means that you can claim what you like on the front of your own newspaper. I hope no-one tells the Sun/Mirror/Star, as they’ll soon be the “Best newspaper in the known galaxy” and trying to out-do each other.
At least when I write I recognise grammar and spelling. And don’t try to claim that I’m the world’s greatest copywriter. Unless I’ve had a few.
Maybe that’s it. Maybe they write it after a long lunch each day. Which might explain a few things. Like that byline for a start.


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