This US filtering software is so homosexual.

July 23, 2008

A story that almost defies belief, until you realise that it comes from The Land of the Free* (* only applicable if you choose the same freedoms as your Congressman).
It involves some stupid US filtering software which changes the word ‘gay’ to the word ‘homosexual’. Which is a bit embarrassing if you name happens to be Gay.
Like Tyson Gay, the superb US sprinter who won 3 Gold medals at the World Championships in Japan in 2007.
He appears on the American Family Association website, all the way through the article as Tyson Homosexual, including the headline:
Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials.

Tyson Gay. Or Tyson Homosexual. Take your pick.

Tyson Gay. Or Tyson Homosexual. Take your pick.

Now, I’m not sure where to start with this. Just how damaging can a word be? Surely if you’re morally outraged about something you’d be best to make it something important/useful. Like the thousands of people who die from being shot each year. Or the huge numbers of people on death row. I know that this will make no difference to the Yanks, but they might want to look at themselves, and bring to mind the famous quote by Alexander Pope: “To err is human, to forgive divine.”
How can people get so bothered by a word? Gay. Has anyone died? Gay. Has the moral fibre fallen out of your society? Gay. See, say it and nothing happens. People get on with their lives. The world turns. Water is still wet.
It’s not rocket science. So, like I said, get bothered about something useful. How long did it take some muppet to design the filtering software? Could they not have put that time to better use actually helping someone with something useful? Like a filter that stops bigoted sites from appearing in the results of rationally-minded people?
I spotted this article on the BoingBoing site. It’s a great site with all sorts of great/stange/unusual things on it. And they never, ever let the man get away with it. Check it here.


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