Are you ready to laugh pant-wettingly uncontrollably?

July 25, 2008

Do you enjoy your job as much as Stuart Hall? That’s the question.
Unless you check beauty queens to make sure they’re not kings, I seriously doubt if you have as much fun as Stuart Hall.
For those of you too young to remember, Stuart Hall is a genius commentator. He used to commentate on all sorts of sports. However he’s probably best known (and most fondly remembered) for his commentary on the ‘It’s A Knockout’ programme. He also commentated on the predecessor to ‘It’s a Knockout’ which was a pan-European programme called ‘Jeux sans Frontieres’.
And here’s the rub – I think we should start a campaign to get him back on TV.
I reckon a dull Premiership game would be twice as enjoyable if they just let the inimitable Mr Hall loose on it.

You really should watch this. No matter how bad a day you’re having, this will surely make it better. He just can’t stop laughing. Apparently he admitted that he actually wet himself he was laughing so uncontrollably.
I’ve worked with Stuart Hall in the past, when he read a voice over for me. His enthusiasm, even for the advert, was almost boundless. He couldn’t do enough to help. He seems to be one of these people who haven’t let their fame turn them into an idiot. He’s approachable, friendly and a ball of endless energy.
He’s just seems to make life better when he turns up.
So go on, have a watch. And then spend the day breaking out into fits of laughter as you remember his pant-wetting delivery.
Penguin costumes, a rotating floor and buckets of water. One of the highpoints of light entertainment in the UK.

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