Tag. You’re it.

July 30, 2008

Once again a Nike ad that’s fantastic.
Sure you could say they’ve got a big budget. But look how well they’ve used it. No matter how much money you’ve got, you still need a big simple idea to communicate. And they’ve nailed it.

The ad came out of Wieden + Kennedy, who are every bit as good as this ad suggests they would be. See more of what they’ve been up to here.
They also used an excellent director, a gentleman called Frank Budgen. He’s shot a huge number of superb adverts. Have a read about some of the things he’s achieved here.

Back to the Nike ‘Tag’ ad. What’s the ultimate expression of freedom when you’re talking to commuters? Turn them all into big kids and let them roam the whole city, playing ‘Tag’ (or ‘Tig’ as we used to call it when I was a lad).
The ad reminds me of being at school and being thankful that I could move pretty quickly.
Just watch how Nike deliver right on the money. Again. How much fun does that look? It’s like flash-mobbing, but with a point to it.
About 55 seconds in, when he spots the long lines of people hiding behind the bins we see a great example of nature in action. I’m not certain if they meant it, but animals get confused by groups of prey scattering. They’re not sure which one to chase. When you look from the outside it’s easy to see which one he should chase, but down at ground level it can be tricky. The collective noun for zebras is a ‘dazzle’. And the name is derived from the fact that its stripes mean that lions and other predators can’t tell where one zebra ends and another starts. Which means they don’t know which one to attack and try to bring down. So now you know.

Another ad that was shot by Frank Budgen was the Sony Playstation ad, called ‘Double Life’. It is a thing of beauty. The pace of it is fantastic. It draws you in. And the little kid who states that he has “conquered worlds” is one of my favourite moments on film. Ever. It’s like a perfect summary of the whole ad. The incongruous nature of the people in the ad with the statements they give is lovely. And it looks fantastic too. Sit back and enjoy.

The ‘Double Life’ ad was created by TBWA, another top notch agency. See more of what they’re about here.
And then, if you’ve time, roll up your sleeves and conquer worlds.


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