Paying attention? Then we’ll begin.

July 31, 2008

This ad has been doing the rounds for a while. I’m posting it as I still meet people who haven’t seen it. It’s a superb use of a quirk of the human brain. When we concentrate very intensely on one thing we almost ignore other things happening right in front of our face. Get ready to be amazed.

Unbelievable. It’s amazing. I’ll bet you watched it again, just to make sure they weren’t trying to trick you.
I’ve got a campaign for a client which is about to run (hopefully) that uses a similar piece of psychology to ‘trick’ people into coming up with the solution you want. Which I’ll post once it’s run.
There appear to be a number of people on the web who aren’t happy with this ad. Their problem with this Transport for London ad seems to be that the creatives have seen research and borrowed the findings from it to put across their message.
Which is what creatives do. We appropriate ideas for clients and brands. And that’s where a lot of the skill comes in. Knowing what to use, and when to use it, is a very important part of the creative’s arsenal. If you watch the video response below the above video on YouTube you’ll see the original experiment.
The original experiment is not going to save the lives of people on bikes cycling around London. But the Awareness Test ad almost certainly will. So, yes, the idea may be stolen. But the real genius is in the use of the idea. The ad was written and created through WCRS. You can see more of what they get up to here.
Hats off to them for coming up with something truly engaging. I’m yet to meet anyone who views this and isn’t amazed by it. Nice work fellas.

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