As the Olympics approach it seems there are no winners.

August 2, 2008

Once again, China has managed to live up to its tag as a abhorrent human rights abuser.
This report by Amnesty finds that the Chinese government has continued to ignore basic rights and has bullied and manipulated its way to the launch of the Olympics.
You can read both sides of the argument here.
The Chinese government have also banned access to a number of websites for visiting journalists at the games. Which is another way that their government maintains power and manipulates the information available to its people.
So I suppose what I’m saying is: The world’s biggest human rights abuser isn’t playing ball? What a surprise.
Those who believed that anything would change should hang their heads in shame. And that includes the IOC. You should be ashamed of sending athletes into a country where the smog is so toxic. You should be ashamed of the corrupt decision that lets a monster such as China benefit from the legitimacy of the games. China should be shunned until it sorts its affairs out. No lip service.
Let’s see how comfortable the world leaders who turn up at the opening ceremony feel. I hope that they are shamed into acknowledging the failures of the Chinese government in addressing basic human rights. If the torch processions and the blue track-suited ‘guardians’ are anything to go by, they’ll be trying to make sure that it goes without any sort of protest at all. I’ve got my fingers crossed that someone manages it.

At a Chinese Olympics there will be no winners.

At a Chinese Olympics there will be no winners.

Make your voice heard. Don’t just ignore what is happening. However small your actions, they could be part of making a huge difference.


2 Responses to “As the Olympics approach it seems there are no winners.”

  1. allison Says:

    hi, I’m from a group opposing the proposal to host Olympics in Boston in 2024. We’re building our coalition and I’m wondering if you would let us use your handcuff graphic.

    you can see our web site here:

    our FB page:

    and our new forum:

    none of our founders a graphic artists. it would be so helpful if we could use something like this.

    Thank you!

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