Zero waste from a smart society.

August 7, 2008

In a small village in eastern Japan it seems we can find inspiration for the way we should all treat our planet. Kamikatsu is a small community in the hills who have realised that we have to vastly alter the way we deal with waste in order to live in harmony with our planet.
There are no rubbish collections. Ever. They don’t do throwing away. Instead, everything is sorted into 1 of 34 categories of waste. Kitchen waste has to be composted. All non-food waste is cleaned, then sorted and processed.
They make sure that everything is thought of. There are boxes for recycling plastic bottles, pens, razors and even styrofoam trays that fruit and meat is packaged in.
And not only is it good for the planet, it’s cheaper than landfilling, or incinerating. See how good the scheme is here.

Also, 40% of people didn’t really want the scheme. The mayor of the town pushed the changes through and basically forced those people who were not keen to join in. Which I reckon we need more of. People have become to lazy and regard everything as their right. We need to realise that we can’t keep thinking we’ll do it tomorrow.
I see that the scheme has also inspired an artist called N’Cognita, who was exhibiting at galleryonetwentyeight, New York. Some of her work looks great. Like this fish:

Learn more about her and her project here.

It’s a little effort to make a big difference. Join in the recycling.
Even if it’s just posting a link to this story, let’s make a lot of little differences.


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