Brummies in shock move to Alabama?

August 15, 2008

Oops. Birmingham seems to have moved. Not quite, but this story from the BBC site shows the trouble with people in design/marketing agencies being lazy when it comes to searching for images. I can’t really find anything to say in support of the people who made this mistake (because you can be sure that way more than one person approved this). Other than they didn’t mean it. It’s still pretty stupid, though. If you thinks that’s harsh of me, imagine that a doctor, or an engineer, made a similar mistake. Exactly.
And then, once a citizen who was paying a little more attention pointed out their error, they did the almost unforgivable “We meant to make the mistake. We were just trying to show a generic skyline to give the impression of urban regeneration.”

Birmingham, Alabama. Not near the Bullring.

Birmingham, Alabama. Not near the Bullring.

Oh really. Just so happens that the city that was chosen to represent the regeneration of Birmingham, England was a picture of Birmingham, Alabama.
What’s even more unbelievable is that the man who spotted it just Googled ‘Birmingham’ and then worked out what had happened.
Read the whole story from the BBC here.
And be thankful that the same people aren’t booking your holidays for you.


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