Lucky to live in Portobello.

August 26, 2008

I live in Portobello (Edinburgh, not London), and I love it. At the bottom of my street is the beach and the sea, and I can walk my daughter to school along the promenade. The area feels like a village, where people still say hello to each other. Last summer we were treated to an art installation on the beach, called the Three Pyramids. They were by an artist called Hill Jephson Robb. He created these as an installation called ‘Wonder’. They were on the beach for most of the summer, and us locals got to watch him build them and then see them eroded away, much like real sand on a beach.

'Wonder' by Hill Jephson Robb

This year, the organisers have really outdone themselves. They placed art in gardens around Portobello, so that the streets became like an art gallery. And there was some fantastic work being exhibited. This first piece is by an artist called Arran Ross, and I believe the piece is called ‘Astronaut’.

The next pieces are all by an artist called Jessica Harrison. The blurb talks about her exploring a personal obsession with fear… I just think that the installations look great.

There were lots and lots of imaginative pieces. Another couple I liked were these:

So I’d like to say thanks to those people who made it all possible. If you find yourselves reading this, then give yourself a huge pat on the backs. It’s amazing that people will still give their time and effort to create something so beautiful and unexpected in a residential setting. Discover more about what they are trying to achieve by visiting their site at

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