How many ways can people say no?

September 1, 2008

I’ve been lucky enough to manage to sell my house recently. Well, I say lucky. What I mean is that, although Fi and I have split up, we’ve been lucky enough to sell our flat in the current market. So I’ve been trying to buy another flat. This new one is a little smaller, but it has good potential and is nice and local for my daughter’s school. The only problem has been the tricky matter of the price. I’ve put in a few bids and they have been rejected. Sometimes they haven’t been rejected for almost a week. Apparently this is normal behaviour for property sales. I just find it a little rude.
But things reached a new level of baffled-ness for me when my solicitor told me that my latest offer “hadn’t been accepted, but nor had it been rejected”. Talk about having your cake and eating it.
I’m assured that this development means that we’re getting closer to a deal.
I really do hope so. Because I’m getting bored of the number of ways that solicitors can find to say “no”.
Why can’t they just behave like the rest of us? Can you imagine if buying other commodities were more like buying a house? I reckon there would be multiple incidents of shop-rage on every high street, every day.
I’ve got my fingers crossed that tomorrow may bring a “yes” rather than another kick in the proverbials.

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