A fashion trend you don’t want to be following.

September 3, 2008

South Africa’s latest fashion range is, sadly, not something to be proud of.
A businessman has started importing a range of bullet-proof clothing from Columbia. Which is, in itself, a pretty scary thing. What’s worse is that the man importing them is quoted as saying that the clothes were “very expensive” and “were out of reach for the ordinary person”. So, if you’re rich you can survive, if you’re poor, tough luck.
Read the whole story here on the BBC site.

South Africa has a bad reputation, and I know that violence does occur, and that people might feel scared. And I’m sure they know the situation and the areas of the country well enough to know what’s what.
I’ve been to South Africa and never had a problem. Not one tiny incident. And that’s not because I just saw the sanitised version. I went to the townships. Sure, I kept my wits about me (only because of what I’d heard). But everyone was brilliant. Friendly, approachable, warm and as far from threatening as you could get.
So don’t be put off by the stories. Everywhere can be dangerous if you don’t follow some basic rules. Whether you live in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool or London there are almost certainly areas where you wouldn’t go for a stroll carrying a video camera. It’s the same in South Africa. I can’t guarantee your safety, but I can guarantee that you’ll experience a holiday like no other. The country is amazing.

Table Mountain - the views are spectacular.

Table Mountain - the views are spectacular.

It’s jam-packed full of things to do. From safari, to driving the Garden Route, to seeing the African penguins at Boulders beach, to the long-straight motorways, to the ‘Robots’ (traffic lights), the vineyards, the great people and the fabulous beaches, you can’t really go wrong. Cape Town offers a beach holiday, with vineyards surrounding the city and an imposing mountain with spectacular views from the top. Johannesburg, Durban and Trafalgar are all places I’ve been to and had a great time.
So head for South Africa. Just don’t bother with the stupid fashion accessories.


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