Have a break. Have a clue what this is all about?

September 12, 2008

I’m posting this as I can’t work out what this KitKat ad is trying to say.

Here’s the offending ad:

Italian KitKat ad from JWT Milan

Italian KitKat ad from JWT Milan

And whilst I might appear daft for not getting this ad, there’s a strong message to be taken from this. And it is: make sure everyone who is in your target audience understands your ad. Nothing distances consumers quite like publishing work that they don’t ‘get’.

I’ve asked a few colleagues about this ad, too. And they’re as baffled as I am. So if anyone can throw some light upon it, please let me know. I can hardly wait to learn what the ad is trying to say.

4 Responses to “Have a break. Have a clue what this is all about?”

  1. Doug Says:

    That’s a tough one. Is it supposed to be a ghost taking a break on the bed?

    Bloody tenuous connection if that’s the idea, mind.

  2. Gallusness Says:

    I think you’ll kick yourself. I think it’s a ghost having a rest. And I think that because I remember your excellent letterheads that you showed my at one point?


  3. dave Says:

    I actually love this advert, it made think about it more and in doing so helped make Kit Kat memorable. The style of the haunted looking room and two eyes cut out of the bed sheet is so simple yet genius. Imagine how many people would drive pass every day trying to decipher this billboard.

    • chrismuir1 Says:

      I agree Dave. My point was that I’d done the same thing several years ago for a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh. We made their business stationery look like ghosts simply by having two eye holes at the top of the paper, business cards etc. You can see a version of the idea in my portfolio on Flickr (there’s a link on the homepage of this blog). Going back to the Kit Kat idea, I think they’ve made the slits a little too small which makes it harder to see what’s what. But that’s just my opinion – it’s still a lovely idea.

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