A new destination in our capital city.

October 2, 2008

The Rutland Hotel and bar used to be one of these places that everyone knew, but no-one went to. No-one knew what the bar was about. Who would go there? What sort of night would you have?
The hotel has been bought over by the Signature Pub Group and refurbished and extensively upgraded. It now offers a bar, one-hundred cover restaurant, a late-lounge club plus 12 boutique-style bedrooms. The whole place now has a luxurious feel to it and is the sort of place that everyone wants to be seen.
To rebrand the new Rutland, Signature brought in Nevis Design. Led by David Huckell, their team and I sat down to work out how to communicate the new brand values and identity to the world.
The idea we arrived at was to show a day in the life of the Rutland Hotel, and how it fits into the lives of guests who are staying in Edinburgh. This idea is flexible enough to allow us to talk to very different groups of people, from city gents looking for a midweek stay over, to hen nights and weekend shoppers/clubbers. And it also allowed us to be very specific when we were talking to an individual group. We talked them through the things they’d like to see and do to make their stay the best it could possibly be. See more about the project in the press release.
The finish of the opening night invitation and the initial brochure reflected the materials used in the multi-million pound refurbishment. You can see some examples of the work below.

Hard-backed mailer

Hard-backed mailer

Wrapped and ready to go

Wrapped and ready to go

Cover close-up

Cover close-up

We went along to the launch night and had a great evening. If they manage to recreate the same atmosphere every weekend then the Rutland will soon become the place to be in Edinburgh’s city centre. I’ll see you there.

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