Green. It’s the new black.

October 2, 2008

A couple of months ago I was working for Family Advertising in Edinburgh, covering for one of their Creative Directors (David) who was off on holiday.
Which meant I got to work with Kevin and all the other talented boys and girls who work there. They’ve got some fantastic clients and continually produce work that makes you think: “I wish I’d done that.” Have a look at their site here.
One of the jobs that Kevin and I worked on was an Eco Week project for a shopping centre in Dundee, called Overgate. They wanted to combine shopping and an environmental message to encourage people to think about the planet when they are choosing how to shop.

I’ve tried to show you the progression from scribble on a sheet of paper to finished ad.

The first image is the rough sketch I did when the idea came to me.

The second image was me again, still scribbling, but trying to flesh the idea out a bit.

And the third image is the ad that finally ran, once it had been set within the client’s brand guidelines

This was a press ad and poster that highlighted the Eco Week to a wide audience.

This was a vinyl sticker that was applied to floors and windows within the shopping centre to target people who already use the shopping centre.

The week itself was a huge success, with all the demonstrations and shows doing a roaring trade.

I didn’t make it along myself, but the overall message has rubbed off on me. I now look like a giant runner bean very time I leave the house.


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