The beautiful face of the Godfather of Soul.

October 2, 2008

I love this piece of design.
To be fair, I love James Brown.

Nowadays we’re used to seeing images made from words, and images created from other smaller images. And that’s because some boffin has created a piece of software that allows it to be done quickly and easily.
That wasn’t the case when the image of James Brown ‘Godfather of Soul’ was created. It has been hand rendered. Which might not sound that tricky. But every single nuance of every single character has to be perfect. Just look at the image. You can almost hear his outrageous drawl.
If you’re not too familiar with his work, or you think that Sex Machine is the pinnacle of his music, I’d suggest you check out ‘In The Jungle Groove’. It’s got Funky Drummer on it which hip hop fans will know inside out, as it’s one of the most sampled breaks. Plus Soul Power, Talkin’ Loud and Saying Nothin’ and It’s A New Day are all killer tracks. In fact, all 10 tracks on this excellent compilation album are well worth a listen.
He was a great pioneer of black music, not just his own stuff. He released a lot of music by his various backing bands and artists. Some of the very best of this has been re-released on compilations called James Brown’s Funky People (Vol. 1 -3). If pushed I’d go for volume 1. It is truly some of the best funk and soul music it will ever be your pleasure to hear.
Give it up for Soul Brother Number One.


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