The name’s mud.

November 3, 2008

The name should be Bond. James Bond.

Unfortunately the name seems to be whoever has the biggest wallet to place their merchandise in the film. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how things work. I understand that they are in it to make money.

A good film? Or just a marketing opportunity?

A good film? Or just a marketing opportunity?

But here’s the problem. People think of short term solutions. They will pull and tear at the brand and ask it to carry anything they think will pay handsomely enough. I understand the cross-over marketing opportunity for fancy watches and the like. But a Ford Mondeo? And a bottle of Coke Zero? Come on. Please. Bond’s a borderline alcoholic in the superb Fleming novels, not some sugar-free pin-up boy. I can just see the thought process. “You see we’re Coke Zero. And he’s double Oh 7. We’ll just use a Zero Zero 7 end frame and it’ll all be great.” Or perhaps not.

And then there’s Sony HD. What a great waste of an excellent technique. I realise that Sony are saying you see more detail, but what an absuolutely dull way to do it. The way they’ve slowed down explosions is not unusual, or new, or even that interesting. Why not go to town and have the additional detail on the Sony HD system saving the day? Or just spend 5 minutes thinking about “more detail” and Bond and I’ll bet you that my 5-year-old daughter could come up with a more interesting execution.

And, in the long run, once you damage a brand and people lose confidence in it, you’re in real trouble. The cash-cow dies, as it were. And you’re left with a word that is your bond, but that doesn’t actually stand for anything.

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