More US gun-related madness.

December 3, 2008

I might have known that some academic mentalist in the States would use the terrorist atrocities in Mumbai to try and justify the carrying of weapons. Or, to be more precise, concealed handguns.

And it’s this that really gets on my wick. They’ll stand up and say that it’s their right, as handed down by the Constitution. If they stopped for just one second and actually read the Constitution they’d realise that it “recognises” the right to keep and bear arms, but it does not (I’ll repeat that, not) “establish” the right to do so. The Constitution was also written some considerable time ago, when society was far less civilised, and people in isolated areas would feel the need to be able to organise themselves into militias to (and here’s the important bit) protect the state. Just for those of the slow-thinking variety, here’s the direct quote:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment to the Constitution.)

I don’t even know why I’m bothering with this. The mentalists believe that heavily arming themselves will protect them. I’m not sure if they’ve seen the statistics, but you’re far, far more likely to be a victim of gun crime if you carry a gun (and that’s not exactly rocket-science for the thinkers amongst us).

And whilst I’m on a bit of a rant, I reckon there’s something in the American psyche or way of life that doesn’t help. Sweden has traditionally had the highest gun ownership per capita in the world. This was due to the fact that every male (and many females) had to carry out military service. So each person doing so was issued with a handgun and also an assault rifle. And they were taught how to use them. And they stored them at home, in secure cabinets. So it seems a little strange that we never hear of a Swede going radio rental in a place of previous employment/ex-girlfirend’s house/college/school. There are not now the same numbers of people carrying out military service in Sweden, but the point still holds. What is it about Americans that makes them so gung ho? I realise that they think that they own the world, and the rest of us are just here to make up the numbers, but surely they can see that guns are bad. And the argument about not being able to defend yourself? Stop giving people a reason to hate you and then you might stop feeling so paranoid.

I’m going to put a link here (which may be a big mistake, as I may bring down upon me the wrath of the mentalists) to show you what an Author/Senior Research Scholar at the University of Maryland (Mr. John R Lott) thinks about gun control. When I read the headline “The Life-And-Death cost of gun control” I thought that it might have got the right end of the argument (for a change). Sadly, it was more of the same “It’s my right” behaviour. See the madness for yourself here.

For me, the argument of “It’s my right” is on the same level as a kid who turns up to play football and when things don’t go his way he grabs the ball and goes home in the huff with the immortal words: “It’s my ball. My rules or we don’t play.”

If you are pro-guns, then go away and don’t bother me. Give me a shout when you’ve grown up and can have a proper discussion, rather than just tossing your rattle out the pram at every opportunity.

Because guns don’t kill people, idiots do.


4 Responses to “More US gun-related madness.”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    I could go on about how “gun free zones” are magnets for loons. I could go on about how, in Israel, armed teachers prevented the slaughter of innocent children by shooting the terrorists that were on their way in to said school. I could say that criminals prefer their victims unarmed. I could point out that crime rates and accidental fatalities drop where training is more prevalent, as documented by FBI statistics. But you don’t want to hear it apparently.

    Because guns don’t kill people, idiots do.

    You just said it yourself. May I presume this is NOT the Chris Muir that does “Day By Day”?

    • chrismuir1 Says:

      I could go on about how many people each year are murdered in the US by guns. I could go on about how the whole middle east problem has been brought about by extremely poor decisions by successive Western governments. I could go on about statistics provided by the FBI perhaps not being that reliable. But I won’t. I’ll simply point out that you have deliberately misinterpreted the quote at the end of my post. I wrote “Because guns don’t kill people, idiots do.” You seem to think that I’m placing responsibility on idiots. And you’d be one yourself for believing that. I wrote it like that because it was the most elegant way to phrase it. For the cheap seats (and that’s you Mr. Blake) you could expand it to read:
      “Because guns don’t kill people, idiots with guns do.”
      And you’re right, I don’t want to hear any of your small-minded, bigoted, racist arguments. I had a quick look at your blog, and I was pretty worried by the level of extremism that you seem to subscribe to. The reference to “exterminating people” was something that the Nazi’s used to subscribe to. Nice company you’re keeping there.
      All I’d ask is this: if someone you loved was shot dead, would you still think guns are big and clever?
      No, didn’t think so.
      Why not get on with your life and try to engage with people and create a community, rather than trying to bully the world into your way of thinking with a “My gun’s bigger than yours” philosophy. You muppet.

  2. Chris Muir Says:

    By the way,this is NOT the opinion of Chris Muir from DaybyDayCartoon.

    I should know.

    • chrismuir1 Says:

      I’m pretty sure the people who read my blog would have worked out that we’re different people. They’d have worked this out from the fact that my blog doesn’t include bigoted, pro-gun nonsense.
      Interestingly, the only way I can think that you’d have been alerted to this post is by ‘Googling’ your own name. And that’s just sad.

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