Why not everyone has gone surfing.

December 10, 2008

Judging from the look of these ‘Chain Surfing’ videos, this looks even more tricky than surfing on waves. I’m sure it’s not (before all the surfers I know email and complain), but this still looks amazing.
In short, these guys must be pretty awesome surfers, with a terrific sense of balance.
They basically jump onto a chain-link fence and then surf on it as their weight and balance throw them around. Best not bother reading my poor attempts to make this sound as interesting as it looks, just watch the video below. This first one looks like it’s shot in the UK.

And this second example is, I reckon, from Europe. The guy takes a running jump to get himself started, and he gets some pretty good moves going. It includes a snippet of the first clip above, and then jumps back to our second bloke. Again, it’s hugely impressive.

I find surfing intriguing and am keen to try it before I get too old for it. One of the guys I play football with is a surfer, so I’m angling to get an invite along at some in the new year. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how badly I get wiped out. With photos if I can organise it.
Here’s how it should be done, by the pro’s at the O’Neill Highland Surfing Championships. This footage is from the 2008 competition, but you can catch them every year, towards the end of April in a small town at the very north of Scotland, called Thurso.

Thurso’s about as far from the central belt of Scotland as it’s possible to get. But, as we’re quite a small country, it’s easily do-able in a day. It’s got a great reputation for some excellent swell and also for some excellent partying. So go along and show them your new chain surfing skills.


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