Those who have been bullied should know better.

January 5, 2009

As every right minded person on this earth must surely agree, Israel has to stop attacking the people of Gaza in such a disproportionate and inhuman manner.
I feel nothing but sadness when I see the people of Israel thinking that throwing bombs and killing civilians is the answer. Violence is never the answer. I realise that it’s a complex issue, and that it’s unlikely to be satisfactorily resolved in the near future. However, Israel seems to think that they can do whatever they like. And they’ve got a point. If it was any other nation on earth bombing, killing and maiming so many civilians you can bet that the US of A (in its role as the world’s policeman) would be clamouring to invade. But Israel has the States on-side and in their pocket.
I read a great article about the situation by a lady called Joan Burnie. She’s a journalist who writes for the Daily Record here in Scotland. You can see the website here.
This article appeared in the Friday, 2nd January edition of the paper. I have reproduced it here without permission, so I hope that Joan and the Daily Record aren’t offended. Take it as flattery, as I think this is so well written it sums up the whole situation in not too many words. She manages to get to the heart of the matter, without worrying about people thinking she’s anti-Semitic. She gets the tone bang-on, and manages to express the sheer stupidity of the situation. Can these politicians who pontificate really expect us to believe they’d have the same calm approach if it was their children and loved ones being killed and maimed in the name of peace?
Anyway, here’s how Joan sees the situation.
“Where, I ask myself as Gaza is reduced to rubble, is Tony Blair? You remember the geezer? Used to be our Prime Minister, hacket wife, both now worth millions off the back of their sojourn in No.10.
But isn’t Blair also supposed to be a Middle East peace envoy?
Some peace. Some envoy, Tone.
Unfortunately, while those pesky weapons of mass destruction of which he was once so sure were no more than a mirage, the current conflict is only too visible.
Not least to those trying between the bombardment to bury their dead as Israel carries out yet another disproportionate response which cynically punishes the innocent more than the guilty.
Remind me again how many Israelis have died? Four, five? Remind me too of how many they had previously slaughtered in the Lebanon?
Even before this blitz began, using the most modern and lethal weapons America can bung them, the citizens of Gaza had been deprived of the most basic of amenities by Israel.
They were imprisoned in what was little more than an internment camp.
Is there anyone, even those who think the Israeli response is justified, who believes this onslaught will make the world a safer place? It only acts as a recruiting sergeant for Hamas.
I am also sick to the back teeth of sanctimonious Israeli spokespeople asking what we would do if we had terrorists targeting our country.
They did. But we did not pulverise the Irish Republic, did we? Or, for that matter, cities such as Boston, which financed the Provos.
Israel gets off, literally, with bloody murder because of a mixture of European guilt over the obscenity which was the Holocaust, and Americans’ unquestioning support, which keeps Israel armed and solvent.
Don’t expect change from Barack Obama. The Israelis are the great untouchables in American politics. Here’s a solution. The Jews are entitled to a homeland. So why not rebuild Israel in Arizona? It’s big and empty enough. Next time Tone’s in the States picking up one of his large cheques, he should suggest it.”
Which I think nails it. Israel should know better than to bully another people. I’m not racist, or anti-anyone, I just think that the current stance is counter-productive and will lead to more trouble.
I was always taught that it takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight. So why can’t Israel be the bigger man and try to find an end to this ceaseless murder and carnage?
It also reminded me of a great line said by a pundit in the BBC studios on the night of Obama’s victory. His comment was a smart one about W’s time as president. He said:
“It’s like the Bush administration have been running a terrorist recruitment campaign.”
And it’s true. America isn’t whiter than white. They should worry about putting their own house in order before they decide to wield the broom around the globe.
And if anyone is offended by what is written here, why not try writing to the other side in the dispute, rather than bothering me.
Because if there’s one group of people who shouldn’t turn into bullies, it’s those who have been bullied previously.
It’s a hugely complex issue, but the resolution can be simple. Stop killing each other.
It takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight. Why not try it? Because one thing’s for sure – trying to win a battle against a motivated, invisible army is not only impossible, it’s insane to even try.
As no less a man than Albert Einstein once said:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
So change the approach and you might change the outcome.

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