Spot the difference with the US’s new President.

January 22, 2009

In common with most of the western world I’m hopeful that the latest US President has his head screwed on the right way, and that the dim days of Bush (either one, take your pick) are consigned to the dustbin of history.
He’s been making all the right noises to convince the world that he’s not as intellectually-challenged as ‘W’ was, and has actually seemed like he cares about what happens to the world (rather than just a few of his mates in Texas).
There have been thousands of images put out there to promote President Obama and his vision for the US and the world. Perhaps none have been as powerful as this one (shown below) to show just how enormous the change in the White House has been.

Spot the difference.

Spot the difference.

So good luck to him. After W’s very poor attempts to play the world’s statesman, it looks like President Obama is going to need all the luck he can manage. On the plus side, after Bush there’s only one way the Presidency can go, and that’s up. Let’s hope that the rest of the machinations of the US political system allow him to achieve what he’s set out to.


2 Responses to “Spot the difference with the US’s new President.”

  1. Gallusness Says:

    Hardly makes for the most challenging of games of Guess Who? Does it?

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