Sheer naked enthusiasm.

February 2, 2009

Below you can see a press ad, looking to recruit people for the Leith Agency. This was done a good few years ago now, but it still has a great tone of voice and a great confidence about it.
It features, as its model and star, Mark Gorman. Mark is a fantastic strategic and creative thinker who has planned many of Scotland’s most famous advertising campaigns over the past 20 years. I love sitting with him and seeing how his mind attacks a problem. He’s never afraid to get his hands dirty (or any other parts, as you can see from his 15 minutes of fame below).
The scan is a little hard to read, so I’ve reproduced the copy here, for those of you who like a well-written ad.
The headline reads: “We need more account people like this.”
And the copy reads:
Mark ‘Bunter’ Gorman, Leith Agency Account Director. Didn’t just have the brains to plan the most original health club advertising in years. (Two Campaign Press Silvers. Got in the Book. Packed the club.) Also had the gut(s) to appear in it as pictured above.
Wanted: three people with his instinct and enthusiasm for good ads (Two Account Managers. One Account Executive. Sex irrelevant.) You’ll work for Scotland’s Agency of the Year. Rated best by Scottish clients for account handling and creativity. Doing ads you’ll have seen, like the Drambuie commercial with Robert Hardy. Or read good things about in Campaign’s vitriolic Private View columns, like our work for Tennent’s Lager or the Blood Transfusion Service. Ads which have won more awards in the past three years (including effectiveness awards) than any other agency outside London. You’ll help to plan new campaigns (you carry responsibility at Leith, not just bags). And like the account people who’ve already come here from Saatchis, CDP, DDB and Y&R, you’ll love the life in Edinburgh as much as the job. Please write, don’t phone, to Marion Law, Personnel Controller, The Leith Agency, 1-3 Canon Street, Edinburgh, EH 3 5HE, with a c.v. Then we’ll see how you measure up to Bunter.
Even though the ad is a little faded and rough around the edges, it seems to have aged a little better than the rest of us.
If you want to see what Mark has been up to a little more recently, visit his blog here.
I can’t promise that it’s all sheer, naked excitement, but, knowing Mark he’ll do his best.

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