Simple sign. Obviously for the hard of thinking.

February 5, 2009

When people offer a service, and give you two prices for it (based on an arbitrary time), then it’s usual to offer some sort of incentive for buying the longer time.
So, for example, when you go to hire a power tool there is a daily charge and a slightly reduced charge if you hire it for a longer period. It’s a simple concept that even the supermarkets use (buy 1, get 2nd half price etc).
Which is why I love the sign below so much.

Alternatively, just learn the three-times table.

Alternatively, just learn the three-times table.

It appears to be for people who have trouble with their three-times table. And it’s a simple example of getting someone to check what you’re doing when you’re going to be using the work to publicise your business. Otherwise people (like me) might think you’re a little bit daft. And whilst I’m having a moan about the sign, I might as well point out the poor spacing too. It’s just as easy to get the spacing right as it is to get it wrong. All you have to do is think ahead. Which is a smart way to approach life. Think ahead and be prepared.
If anyone at the internet cafe where this sign is displayed fancies enlightening me, feel free.
Otherwise, I’ll continue to laugh at the strangeness of helping people out by multiplying 60 pence by 3.


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