Brilliant packaging makes the product more memorable.

March 17, 2009

I’ve just discovered this image of some fantastic packaging design.


It’s for Banana juice, which is apparently big in Japan. Unfortunately I’ve never managed to track some down to try it. It’s one of these pieces of design that just seems so perfect for the product. It was designed by a pretty smart chap by the name of Naoto Fukasawa. He’s designed some awesome stuff, like the Muji CD wall unit and has worked with some stellar names, like Issey Miyake. You can learn more about the way he thinks here.
If I ever manage to track down a carton I reckon I’d probably not even notice what the banana juice tastes like I’d be too excited by the packaging.
Whilst I’m on about bananas, I’ll bore you with a few more little-known facts. They are full of vitamin B6 and are a good source of potassium, magnesium, fiber and vitamin C. Potassium is great for sports as it helps to alleviate lactic acid (which causes cramp). It has also been shown recently that they are rich in serotonin and norepinephrine, which could help improve the mental well-being of those suffering from depression.
There is also the fact that some people still maintain that banana plants “walk”. This is due to the way that their bark (or husk) grows on top of the previous year’s bark. Over the lifetime the plant appears to move by up to 50cm. But there is a big debate online about this, and whether they do actually “walk” or whether their roots are spreading and therefore just letting the new shoots appear above the roots. It’s a debate that has knowledgeable botanists confused, so I’ll not bother joining in.
I’ll just point them in the direction of some refreshing banana juice, and let that inspire and revive them.

One Response to “Brilliant packaging makes the product more memorable.”

  1. Doug Says:

    They’re fantastic. I mean, I hate bananas, but they look very impressive. Why are the Japanese so damn good at packaging? And if they appeal to you, there’s a book you’ll probably like called ‘Japanese Graphics Now!’ (their exclamation mark, not mine). It shows the extraordinary degree of care Japanese designers put in to even the smallest of jobs. I’m glad I’m not a designer, or I’d be sickened by it.

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